Compositor and CS5

Some of our customers have upgraded to the recently released Photoshop CS5 and found that their Compositor no longer worked. As it turns out, Adobe changed a lot in the ExtendScript support in CS5 that is incompatible with earlier versions. Luckily, we have a contact at Adobe provided a lot of good info so that we could get the Compositor up and running in CS5. Another benefit of this move up to CS5: the scripting support in CS5 is much more stable (we’ve had some customers using CS4 on MacOS encounter severe stability problems that should be fixed in CS5).

So… we are sending out an updated version of the Compositor to all of you that bought a copy. We’ll be sending them out in batches over the next few hours, so look for it in your inbox! Even if you haven’t upgraded to CS5, go ahead and install this latest version of the Compositor — it will continue to work fine in CS3 and CS4.