Compositor issues with Photoshop CC 2020

A handful of customers trying to use Compositor v3 have written to support with screenshots of difficulties validating their license with the latest 2020 release of Photoshop CC.

The issue encountered is that, even after filling in an email and password, the program won’t proceed, asking them to enter their email and password. We’re not sure if it only happens on Mac OS X, but it might. (So far, no Windows user has complained of this issue.)

We have not yet been able to reproduce the issue on our own Mac test computers, but we do have ideas on a fix nevertheless. We expect that a patch will be forthcoming in the week.

We also expect it to be the very last patch for the Compositor. We have not had any significant changes or improvements to the product in several years and expect this last patch to finally eliminate all troubles that customers have encountered with license validation.