The finale for Moirai Software

It has been an interesting experiencing, starting this small online business, and supporting it as a part-time endeavor. But we have had no major updates or improvements to our products in several years. And this has not been clear enough on the website: many people tried to buy a Compositor upgrade, even though they already had the latest. Most of our support time was spent helping these confused customers and refunding their payments.

We will still try to provide support for the products and intend to keep this website around, so existing customers can still re-download and continue to use their purchase, at least until the end of this year (2020). However, it may take us several days to reply to support requests. In fact, this has already been the case for the past several months, as our primary full-time commitments have grown and our ability to attend to Moirai in a part-time manner has shrunk.

For some requests, we may simply not have the resources to address them. We just released a final patch for moirai Compositor. But we do not intend to do any further development or bug fixes in the products.

If you are a customer that has purchased and used the tools we offered, thank you for your support!